When making an enquiry with a member of our team you will be asked to provide a clear photo of each entire wheel that is damaged or requires work. You will also be asked for your location to ensure that we cover your area. Quotes are based on the time taken to do the job and the consumables required to complete the job. The price can be affected by the amount of damage, size of the wheel, design of the wheel i.e. number of spokes and complexity of design and overall condition of the wheel.



We ask that our customers present our team member with wheels that are in a reasonably clean condition.

Reasonably clean condition means that some attempt has been made by the customer to remove dirt, brake dust and tyre shine from the wheels. We believe this is a fair and reasonable request and helps us keep the price down.

The problem with tyre shine is that it often gets on the paintwork of the wheel as it is usually applied by spraying. Tyre shine causes adverse effects to painted finishes as it is silicone based. Therefore we ask that this is not applied leading up to the refurbishment and, as much as possible, is removed. This can be done with a detergent or wax and grease remover.

Remember we ask for reasonably clean condition not perfection.


When you accept a quote you are also accepting our terms and conditions T&Cs as follows:



  • The wheels should be presented in a reasonably clean condition (see above). Wheels that are not presented in a reasonably clean condition may incur an additional $10 per wheel cleaning fee.

  • We ask that a clear photo of the whole wheel is given. If partial sectional views are provided in a photo and a quote is based on this information provided then any additional damage, not seen in the photos, may incur extra charges.

  • You will be given a date and time for your booking and a reminder will be sent to you at the beginning of the week you are booked in. If you cancel your booking we need to know as soon as possible. We require a minimum 48 hours notice to cancel. 50% of the total quoted cost will be charged if cancelled within 48 hours and the full amount is payable if one of our team arrives to do the work and no-one is home. This is at our discretion and will be based on information provided at the time.

  • Any additional work that is requested from you to our team member on the day of your booking may incur additional fees.

  • If your vehicle has locking wheel nuts (security nuts) then the locking wheel nut removal tool must be provided. Please check you have it before we arrive.  Most European cars and some Holden's have locking wheel nuts. The tool is usually in the boot on European cars and in the glove box on Holden's. If this tool is missing we cannot remove the wheel and cannot do the work.

  • Your car, wherever possible, should be undercover to ensure wet paint is not effected by rain or dust or debris. We use fully waterproof spray booths so we can work in most weather conditions. You do not need to provide cover for our equipment or vehicles.

  • Please ensue there is a reasonably level area with enough room for our team's vehicle and trailer and a power source providing 240v.

  • We cannot work in underground carparks if spray painting as this is a Health and Safety risk. If you are in an apartment building and there is no street parking available then please inform our team so that alternative arrangements can be made.